Many rationalists think that if we could only get rid of religious superstitions and myths everybody would live by the lights of science and the world would be a good and happy place.  How naïve.  Evil people would misuse science just as they have abused religion and continue to do so. Indeed, in the case of the Nazis’ social Darwinism they already have.   Rationalists often argue that good moral behaviour is rooted in evolutionary natural selection, notably reciprocal and kin altruism.  These must certainly be something to do with it,  for we certainly evolved from creatures that follow such practices.  But as total explanations these are highly imaginary.  Supposedly,  when you give money to starving Africans your genes ‘misfire’, mistaking people  you have never seen, nor are likely to,  for close neighbours in the Pleistocene.  Has anybody ever seen them doing it?  There must be more to it than natural selection. The myths of rationalists make those of religion look like logarithm tables.


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