To believe is by definition to be intellectually uncertain,  for if you were certain you would not believe you would know.   But atheists do claim to know.  They think that science and logic prove beyond doubt that we live in a  universe that is nothing but material.  That is absurd.  It is ridiculous for an atheist to think that he knows the ultimate secrets of the universe.  O great magus.   Indeed, science itself suggests that this is an erroneous way to think, for physicists talk increasingly about an infinity of universes.  How could we ever know whether  an infinity of universes,  if there is an infinity of universes,  is a material infinity?  Can you even have a material infinity?   An infinity of universes, by definition, is the totality of everything.  Funnily enough, that is exactly Aquinas’s definition of God.  God does not exist, he says, God is the totality of everything existing.


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