Boris will sort it

Faced with the enormity of climate change – whole countries drowned, devastating droughts, ferocious hurricanes, much of the world’s most fertile land going under water including the Fens and East Anglia (Cambridge could be a seaside town by 2100 according to the Met Office), millions if not billions starving and hundreds of millions of refugees (relax friend,  it’s all a hoax, a pack of lies told us by scientists who want to get government funding for bogus green projects) – faced with this enormity the politicians’ obsession with Brexit is like having Hitler in France and being concerned with nothing but the Rutland bye election.  The tragedy is that if we were really resolved we could still  even now create a new, better post-fossil fuel world and escape these horrors.   But no time for that.  It’s Brexit mate Brexit.  Boris and Nigel will sort it out.


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