I’m pro-Boris Johnson  because at least he tells straightforward easily discernable lies, unlike many of those trying  to get rid of him who are even more self-deluded than he is.  You would have thought that when we are being told by the  scientists  the evidence is now indisputable that we are heading straight for the biggest catastrophe that has ever hit humanity and bequeathing it to our helpless children, those who govern us would be somewhat alarmed.  But not a bit of it. The charge against Boris is not have you enough to arrest climate change in the few years we have left but are you now so unpopular we might lose our seats. Instead we get endless greenwash, because people who do not wish to do very difficult things, that in their hearts they know they must, frequently offer simulacra that look like the real thing but only hasten the catastrophe they say they are avoiding.  Is there a reason why such very stupid people get elected to Parliament?  How could MP’s have voted for the Iraq war when a million ordinary folk were marching outside Westminster because you didn’t have to be a genius to see what a grievous mistake this was.  But not the MPs. Is there a reason why such very stupid people get elected to Parliament?  I believe that there is.  I don’t use stupid in the sense of crazy, but as in stupefied  by your own delusions. A report has come out today telling us that  47 MPs received £2.3m between them – an average of £48,936 each – from the financial sector between January 2020 and December 2021. While 26 did no work in return for the payments, those who did were paid an average of £2,738 an hour, 180 times the average UK wage of £15.15.  Fools or rogues?  Still, most of them aren’t quite so bad as this, and at least it’s not as bad as being ruled by Putin.


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