Brexit the political oxygen sucker

The extraordinary muddle over Brexit only underlines what a tragedy Brexit is.  Not necessarily because a no deal may be an economic disaster, that would remain to be seen, but because it is sucking all the political oxygen away from the far greater  issue which is climate change.  Even after March 29th the fixation and the settling down will go on for years.  Many Brexiteers are also climate sceptics. They would say the scientists have been predicting an environmental apocalypse for fifty years and it hasn’t happened yet.  It is a totally facile argument.  They do not understand the science of the tipping point. What  is already happening is exactly line with predictions, except it is beginning earlier than even the scientists feared. Scientists are themselves deliberate sceptics until the evidence is so overwhelming there is consensus and climate change has now reached that point.  I am just amazed at the apathy in the face of what they are telling us will happen to our children if we don’t deal decisively with this,  which patently the world is not doing.  2017 was a record year for carbon emissions and 2018 is going to be even worse.  Whole countries will go under water.  Many millions of hectares of fertile land will be lost, including Norfolk and the fens. There will be widespread starvation. Category 5 and even 6 hurricanes that will flatten whole cities.  There will be millions, even hundreds of millions of homeless refugees fleeing rising sea levels and droughts.  It is easy to imagine in such a desperate world vicious resource wars that could well go nuclear.  Yet it doesn’t have to be like this.  We have marvellous technology and still better in the pipeline.  We can still create a better, greener and more peaceful post-fossil fuel world for our children.  What could be more worthwhile than saving the earth for our children? But it’s going to require a massive change of political will that concentrates on this to the exclusion of all else as if it were World War 2.  It is in this context that Brexit is such a huge tragedy.  Forget Brexit.  Think climate.


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