Building more nuclear power stations is madness.  If a serious mishap occurred at Sellafield, for example, the whole of the North of England could be contaminated. Proponents of nuclear power will say that with due care and attention such an event is unlikely to vanishing.  On the contrary, it is very likely indeed.   No concrete envelope, however thick, could resist modern bunker-busting bombs and shells.  Half a dozen rockets launched from miles away would do the job easily.  It’s giving a free hit with a  nuclear bomb to terrorists.   I hope I’m wrong about it but I’ve never been able to see my way round this argument.  Renewables can supply all our energy needs.  I’m very impressed with George Monbiot’s book Heat. In a field where so many peope have axes to grind he gives full value to all the drawbacks that renewables entail.   But still argues convincingly that they’re the best option. 


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