Climate 100%

This is a new movement concerned with climate.

climate_100__connection_climate_100__connection_-_climate_100__connectionAs you can see the 100% stands for 100% all out effort. It works entirely online and through word of mouth and no money is involved. Except that we hope to establish a group in each constituency to spread concern about climate and put pressure on politicians.

Getting rid of fossil fuels is probably the most difficult thing humanity has ever attempted, but it can be done given enough determination and resolve. Yet climate change is not all bad news. It offers us the opportunity to create a much better post-fossil fuel world. Our message is one of optimism and hope.   The alternative for all the world’s children is so terrible, if the UK could set an example people in other countries would follow and force their politicians too to put saving the planet at the top of their agendas.

Join Climate 100. Still better, join or help to create a committee in your constituency. Please fill in the form below or join our forums and help us spread the word.