The climate summit in Paris in December will fail for the same reason that all the other climate summits have failed, over the question of responsibility.  The developed nations won’t accept that they have the primary responsibility for dealing with the climate crisis because it was they who put most of the carbon into the atmosphere, and the underdeveloped nations won’t accept that they do not have a right to industrialize themselves just as the developed nations did.  Meanwhile each day the unimagineably terrible future that is going to overtake our children comes one day nearer, and everybody, developed and underdeveloped, will suffer the consequences.  Even worse, the participants will announce some meaningless fudged compromise, the sceptics will jeer at the hypocrisy and greeny peope will say ‘at least it’s a step in the right direction, at least it’s better than nothing’. Why can’t we grasp this immense issue? Is this a mad point of view?  I do hope so but I fear not. 


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