Dear Jake…

Letter to my local MP. Dear Jake. I enclose a copy of my book ‘Our Terrible/Wonderful Future’. Please don’t write back as I don’t want another of the bland, evasive letters that MP’s are so skilled in writing. Yes the Government is doing something about climate change. Yes Michael Gove is trying to do something about plastic. But it’s not nearly enough. Humanity is now faced with the greatest crisis in its history, and these are the last years in which we may be able to avert it. What we need above all is leadership. But is saving the earth right at the top of the Government’s agenda? No. Is the government giving us, and the rest of the world, that Inspiring leadership? No. Sorry to write all this as, if I may say so, you are such a very, very good constituency MP and I admire what you are doing for our locality so much. Yours etc


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