Deep Darkness of December

Deep darkness of December
Sodden silence in the drowned land.
Storms rage and gales howl

Turkeys run shrieking to their deaths.
But still still.
Darkness darkness
Still still.

Lights! Lights! Where are my switzers?
Let darkness be quenched in bowls of light.
Ho ho ho’s and glitterings of tinsel

And the head of John the Baptist on a dish
Decorated with five gold rings, one through his tongue
One in his nose, one for each ear, and one for luck. 

Away with the darkness, away in a manger
Old King Cole looked out over the brilliant
White snow fields on the feast of Stephen.

Still still
Darkness darkness
Still still

Mistletoe druidically dim on misty oaks.
Raindrops glimmering jewels on black branches.

Dark dark still still


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