When we reflect that our bodies are organizations of cells that are organizations of atoms that in their turn are organizations of protons, neutrons and electrons; that, in defiance of logic, electrons are both particles and waves; that the electrons in our bodies are in instantaneous communication with other electrons all over the universe; that when Alastair Cook hits a boundary at Lords (not that that has happened too often recently) the electrons in the ball take every possible path round the universe on their way to the boundary rope but that all of these cancel each other out except (fortunately for Cook) the one leading straight to it;  that electrons are flashing in and out of nothing the whole time;  then we can only conclude that in the depths of our physical being we are already dwelling in the astonishing, incomprehensible, unimagineable other dimension of reality,  outside or perhaps better put inside time and space, that is now being uncovered by modern physics.  Religion suspected it existed all the time of course.   


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