Two weeks ago climate scientists published a report saying that they had examined the proposals put forward by 147 governments ahead of the summit in Paris in December, and even if the most far-reaching ideas are adopted – which they won’t be because these international agreements are always fudged compromises – even then the world will still fail by a long way to prevent global warming reaching the disastrous increased two degrees.  In other words,  as it stands Paris intends to consign our children to an unimaginebly dreadful future planet in which whole countries will go under water, hundreds of millions say the scienitsts – not merely the handful of migrants who are already presenting Europe with so great a problem – but hundreds of millions will be homeless and short of food and water, and global warming will have escaped our capacity to control it and will go on escalating  ever higher.  Presumably governments read the papers, let alone have access to advice from scientists.  You would have thought they would have been beside themselves with anxiety.  Not ours.  Instead they have just signed a massive deal with China to develop not renewable sources of energy but production of even more oil and gas and use Chinese money and expertise to build nuclear power stations.  Suppose I were a foreign power quarrelling with Britain and armed with modern rockets.  What would I do to defeat Britain?  Simple.  I’d aim them at, say, Sellafield and pollute most of the north of England.  There is no concrete envelope, be it never so thick, that will keep out  contemporary rocketry, let alone the even more powerful weapons which will doubtless be built in the future.  How lucky our children will be to live in this lovely world the Tory Government is preparing for them.  And what happened to that wind turbine on Cameron’s house by the way? 


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