Do not ignore Trump

You can bet that virtually every tyrant in history has been the product of a devastated childhood, and exercises supreme and arbitrary power either to cover his feelings of inferiority or to exact revenge through surrogates on those he feels betrayed him in infancy.  Trump is not a tyrant but he betrays much of this personality profile.  For such a person to go from being the most powerful person in the world to a nobody is totally intolerable, and the explosion of his wrath will engulf everybody it touches.  Millions voted for him because, unlike all the well-meaning liberals, they felt he understood them.   Rationalists ignore the presence of the irrational at their peril.  Do not ignore Trump. If Biden wants to heal the nation, somehow he has to integrate the feelings of these people into his agenda.  Their voice needs to be heard. In what would be an astonishing gambit he should offer Trump an advisory role to his cabinet, for only Trump understands how these people feel and is capable of articulating their deepest desires at the highest level.


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