Five reasons for going vegan

Why be a Vegan?


  1.  The world’s cow herd creates more greenhouse gas than the world’s car fleet.  It’s the industrially produced meat that is really harmful, both tearing down rainforests to grow the soya and the increased methane from cows fed on this unnatural food.


  1. Food shortages.  Because the same nutrition can be produced in vegetable form on much less land, if most people were vegan the world could easily feed itself


  1.  Being vegan won’t necessarily stop you getting heart disease and strokes but  it does help a lot – provided you take the supplements.


  1. Wild Life.In the UK we are facing a wild life catastrophe.  Almost every wild species you can think of is in sharp decline.  If most people went vegan and organic there would be plenty of room for wild life which would start to flourish again.


  1.   I have never enjoyed food so much since we went vegan. Most of the great cuisines of the world ae full of delicious recipes that are vegan or can easily be made so. It’s not all lentils and nuts. Few vegans would want to go back.

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