The universe began 13.7 blllion years ago in an explosion of hot gas.  By 380,000 years later it had cooled sufficiently for nuclei and electrons to start combining into atoms.  It seems nonsense to say they just happened to do it by chance, as a lost golf ball might be disturbed by a passing dog and happen to roll down the green into the 18th hole.  They must have had a virtual capacity already built into their nature that was activated when they encountered each other.  And so with two atoms of hydrogen and one of oxygen, and so with all the other unifications of  atoms into the elements in the hearts of stars, and so with all the unifications of molecules through all of evolutionary history right up to humans.   There must have been a possibility, a potentiality, a virtual reality that had not yet happened already existing for all these ever intensifying unifications to happen.   Nor does it make sense, it seems to me, to think that all these not yet existing virtual realities were separate from each other in the sense that knives are separate from forks.  It is more rational to think that there was one virtual reality, a singularity, that has gradually unfolded into physical reality throughout the universe’s evolving history.  A convenient name for it is God.   We might define God – how could we define God? Think of God – as the single virtual reality of all things that has not yet fully materialized into physical reality in space and time.  This single virtual reality must have the potentiality to be a person,  for it has already expressed itself in persons, and since it exists outside space and time must already be – except that already only makes sense within space and time – a person. 


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