Greg and the chefs are great.  But I do so hate Masterchef.  The economic recovery since 2008 has been driven almost entirely by the spending of the rich. Between 2008 and 2012 spending by the top 5% in the US and the UK was up by 17% while, despite the rise in employment, for the other 95% wages remained low and consumption stagnant (Cynnamon and Fazzari ‘Inequality,  the Great Recession and Slow Recovery’), and will once again decline as the next looming world recession unfolds.  OK if that is how it has to be.  But at least don’t flaunt before us ridiculously fancy meals at obscene prices being prepared for the rich who are the only people who can afford to eat them while we tuck into  our cheap take-aways, as if we were fawning courtiers applauding the excesses of some petty Renaissance tyrant (which is just what we are, the show knows its audience).  Maybe just a mention of the millions who don’t even have enough to eat?  Or a slight discomfort over the amount of food we waste?


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