How can we do it?

Bees fly by the light of the sun.  A bee discovering a source of nectar is able to work out the angle between where the nectar is, the sun and the hive.  She flies back to the hive and performs a waggle dance on a comb which reproduces the angle of the find in order to let the other bees know.  If the find is within a radius of 150 yards the dance is spherical.  The further away it is the more the dance becomes elliptical, thus enabling her sisters to figure out how far away it is.   The angle between the vertical of the comb and the direction of the longest diameter of the ellipse is the same as that between sun, hive and nectar.  And all this in the dark.  What clever a brain housed in so small a being!   What incredible mathematicians!  But we are destroying these wonderful creatures through pesticides.  Apart from neutralizing all the services they do us by pollinating our crops.  How can we go on destroying the wonders of the earth in the way we are doing?  Be ashamed.  Don’t abet the poisoning of the earth.  Go organic.


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