How many children a year are abused by paedophiles?  One in half a million?  One in a quarter of a million? One in a hundred thousand?  Certainly a problem and children need to be protected from paedophiles but statistically not that great.  The chances of your child being abused are very small.  Why then are people so worked up about paedophiles?  On the other hand the chances of every child in the world, including yours, having a future dreadful beyond imagining if we don’t address the climate issue are very high.  97% of climate scientists at least are issuing us with the gravest warnings.  But most people are hardly bothered.  How can you explain this mismatch?  When people are harbouring an unconscious guilt which they refuse to consciously acknowledge it is in human nature to project it outwards onto a scapegoat.  Is that is what is happening here?  I think so.  


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