The discovery of nonlocality tells us that two subatomic particles that are entangled (i.e. have been generated in such a way that they cannot be described independently of each other) can communicate instantaneously with each other even if, physicists believe, they are separated by the whole universe.  If the direction of spin of one in New York were altered, for example, its co-relative in London would immediately alter as well.  This means that they must exist outside space and time for any communication that is made across space must take time. It makes mathematical sense but no other kind of sense, for it undermines the most basic assumptions of our normal rational processes.  You might say, perhaps, that these particles are existing in an eternal now.  But we can only think of now as a bridge between before and after.  We cannot grasp what a dimension outside time and space  might mean.  How strange that the foundations of so rational a universe should be beyond reason.  And how strange that this is just what all the great mystical traditions of the world tell us too.  


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