I got a leaflet through my door

Yes a convicted criminal  did sway the balance in the vote for Cooper’s bill and that is an  irony that deserves the pen of a great tragedian.  But let’s not forget that the whole Leave campaign in 2016 was illegal.  It was a far more serious crime and its promoters should have been prosecuted.  Leavers, you were conned.  You were hoodwinked with blatant lies.  The tabloids whipped up hysteria and only gave their readers one side of the picture. Putin may even have interfered in the election, we don’t know.  Where did Banks get the money from? We don’t know.  This was no basis on which to decide so important an issue.  The part played by  Cambridge Analytica was scurrilous and disgraceful. They harvested data from peoples’ facebook profiles without their permission and employed psychologists to pick out weak vacillating characters who might be finding it difficult to make up their minds.  I was one apparently.  They then flooded such people at the last moment with highly inflammatory material.  Two days before the vote I got a poster through my letter box telling me that Turkey was about to join the UK and 85 million Turks, some them Islamic terrrorists, were about to flood into the UK.  It was all lies. I was deceived.  Perhaps you can understand my fury and disgust with Brexit.  The pro-Brexit papers never told their readers about ISDS.  It stands for Investor State Dispute Settlement.  Under WTO rules corporations can sue governments for what they regard as restraint of trade.  Thus Mexico banned fructose syrup because it was making their kids obese and were sued by Cargill.  Cargill won – hardly surprising as the panel of judges who decide are mostly ex-employees of corporations – and Mexico had to pay over $700,000 in compensation.  Under ISDS the NHS isn’t going to last five minutes.  UK farming will be wiped out by US agribusiness with its huge federal subsidies, vast economies of scale and rock bottom environmental standards.  It’s a fantasy.  You are not going  to get your country back with its green fields, family farms and thriving local industries.  We’re a small offshore island with few natural resources and an uncompetitive, relatively uneducated workforce, needing to import raw materials for nearly everything we make.  It’s going to be a disaster.  Only those blinded by emotion can’t see it.  Do you really think that pretty much every economic authority in the world don’t know what they are talking about?   You do, apparently.  Pooh experts!  Only fools could have such over-weening confidence.    We shan’t become a great global trading power but a humiliated satellite of America.  Even ardent Brexiters like Rees-Mogg and Dyson have prudently moved their businesses out of the UK.  You were conned.  How can we persuade you to pull back from this disastrous catastrophe  into which you are so blindly plunging us?


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