Inshore wind farms?It’s a win-win

From my forthcoming book ‘OurTerrible/Wonderful Future’

Inshore windfarms are really great. It’s another win-win. Hopefully they will arouse plenty of local opposition, letters in newspapers, protest meetings, marches led by David Bellamy etc. On the one hand they give people an opportunity to show how much they care for the environment which will be totally spoilt by windfarms. On the other hand they give the Government an opportunity to decide that after extensive public consultation the scheme will go ahead after all, so concerned is the Government with environmental issues. “Let me make it crystal clear, this Government is determined…etc.” If they can be put up with maximum eyesore quotient in beauty spots that’s really good. In fact the contribution that inshore windfarms could make to a post-fossil fuel economy is so small whether they are built or not hardly makes any difference. But as instruments of climate self-deception they are almost unrivalled. They are so prominent, can be seen from the High Street, loom right over Mrs So-and-So’s house. And the noise they make, if you get up close. Dreadful. Write to your M.P.


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