Labour had no hope until the Tories started to hand them the election on a plate.  First Cameron made it look as if he were too scared to debate.  Then he gave the impression he’d lost the appetite for the job.  By their huge uncosted spending promises the Tories made themselves look like the Labour Party at its worst.  On the one hand the economy is doing so well only they can be trusted to keep the momentum going.  But on the other it’s doing so badly there are going to have to be even more savage spending cuts.  Worse, they won’t say what the cuts are going to be and exude an atmosphere of bullying menace that is, to say the least, rather putting off. They’ve made it look as if they are scared stiff of Nicola Sturgeon.  She is plainly not the Loch Ness monster they would portray and their patent fear of her ministers all the more to the impresson that here we have something fresh and exciting in British politics.  Their attacks on Ed are making him look almost human.  He’d be a disaster in Downing Street of course.  But they are making us feel we’d like to look after him. 


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