Let me make it crystal clear you can trust us

I hate the way some Tories pose as great Britisn patriots even as they are busy selling off our country to foreigners. Ordinary Londoners are finding it increasingly difficult to live in London while the foreign billionaires turn their Kensington basements into cinemas and swimming pools. The ridiculous prices they can pay has a knock on effect, causing house prices, and therefore mortgages, to rise all the way down the chain. I loathe the way politicians are always “making sure” as if we could trust them. We are making sure London becomes a paradise for Russian billionaires. We are making sure care workers are paid so little there is a crisis in the care of elderly people with dementia. Let me make it crystal clear such persons are not Russian billionaires. We are making sure our energy sources are owned by Russia and China and the army is starved of funds so in a future conflict with foreign powers we will be helpless. I’m saddened that so many people are taken in by Brexit which is not about freeing us from Europe but enslaving us even more to international finance and making us even poorer. Why do you think the foreign billionaires are so keen on Brexit?


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