Let’s do it

Back cover for my new book Our Terrible/Wonderful Future

Recent papers in Nature argued that, even with Paris, we only have a 5% chance of keeping temperature increase under 2 degrees.  The scientists say we need to do far more.

The world is losing 30 soccer pitches of top soil every minute. The F.A.O. forecast that soil loss is so bad the world only has sixty years of farming left.

Automation will cause massive unemployment, in white collar as well as blue collar jobs.

Capitalism nearly crashed in 2008.  Eight people now own as much wealth as half the world’s population.  How can an economic system that has become so grotesquely unequal survive?  But what could replace capitalism?

The world is losing at least four species every hour.  40% by 2100.

Dame Sally Davies, the U.K.’s leading medic, thinks we could be facing ‘an anti-biotic apocalypse’ and ‘the end of modern medicine’.

Many will think all this an exaggeration.  Unfortunately, it is what science is telling us.  Can these problems be overcome?  Yes Yes Yes and again Yes.  But only if we awake from our apathy and show the kind of united resolve that won World War 2.  Let’s do it.







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