If it was ever possible to say that the scientists are divided on climate it isn’t now.  A survey in Skeptical Scientist in 2013 found 97% of scientists think global warming is man-made and a very dangerous threat to mankind and most other forms of life on the planet.  The constant warnings of the scientists could hardly be more dire.  If we don’t quit fossil fuels a.s.a.p. we face a terrifying future on a devastated earth.  Whole countries could go under water, hundreds of millions homeless and short of food and water, there could be constant and extremely severe droughts, floods ands hurricanes, half the species that exist could be extinct by the end of the century many directly because of climate change, and, what the scientists fear most, vicious resource wars that might well go nuclear.  Yet we are doing hardly anything about it.  Climate hardly figures in the manifestos of any of the major political parties.  How can we run these risks with our childrens’ future?

But it’s not all bad news.  Every crisis is an opportunity. If we grasp this issue decisively and resolutely now we could create a much better post-fossil fuel world.
But now is the time for action.  If the UK set a lead other countries would follow.  NowNowNow.

Angels on Fire is a comedy group that seeks to arouse concern about climate.  Come and support our next gig on 27th February at At Paul’s Church Moor Lane M7 3WX Salford, or  by bus X43 from central Manchester alight at Moor Lane and 10 minutes walk down lane.  7-8 vegetable curry, glass of wine and cake, 8-9 climate information & discussion, songs, poems and a comic take on it all for £6 (£5 students).  Follow Angels on Fire on facebook and ask your friends to do so too.  Let’s save the earth for our children.  Come and support us.



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