Pooh Experts!

Pretty much every competent economic authority in the world is telling us that a hard Brexit would be a disaster for Britain. “Pooh experts! what do they know about it? These are the people who told us that not joining the Euro would be disastrous”. Actually they didn’t. If you remember Gordon Brown asked the economists in the treasury if the euro would pass five tests and on their advice we didn’t join. Pretty much every climate scientist is telling us we are preparing a hell on earth for our children if we don’t do more about climate. “Pooh experts! What do they know about it? They’v been telling us Armageddon is going to happen for fifty years and it hasn’t happened yet”. Well you probably don’t understand about the tipping point. What’s beginning to happen now is exactly what the scientists have been predicting except it’s beginning to happen sooner than even they dreamt it could. Me, I think experts have been studying their subject all their professional lives and probably know more about it than I do.  And when they are virtually unanimous they are probably right. Are you really so sure you are right and the experts are wrong that you are willing to risk economic chaos and an increasingly uninhabitable earth for our children? Apparently in many cases yes.  It’s crazy to leave an institution that has brought peace and prosperity to Europe for seventy years in favour of what the reviled experts – who do indeed perhaps know more about it than you do – are predicting. Even Rees-Mogg admits it may take 50 years to feel the supposed benefits of Brexit. Perhaps you are not well off enough to wait that long.  But Brexit is an infatuation. It’s like trying to talk sense to people in love. And as for climate – well it’s just too much bother.


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