The Fullerene Experiment

Richard Feynman said the whole mystery of quantum physics lies in the two-slit experiment, which showed that not only light but particles of matter are not only particles but also waves. I think the mystery of everything does.  How can subatomic elements be both particles that are in a particular time and place yet also waves that are outside time and space and everywhere and nowhere?  Yet they are.  The scientists themselves cannot understand it.  But it’s not only subatomic particles. Crucial for me is the experiment that showed that fullerenes, not tiny electrons but molecules composed of at least 500 atoms, are also subjects of wave-particle duality.  You might think that electrons are on the border between something and nothing but fullerenes are certainly somethings. Is the implication that not only subatomic particles but everything is subject to wave/particle duality, although upon objects much above molecules composed of more than 2000 atoms it’s impossible to perform experiments, anyway at the moment?   I have come to think that if fullerenes do, then we all belong to this other wave dimension as well as the particulated one in which we find ourselves.  When we die we shan’t go to heaven but awake into the fuller reality outside time and space in which we have always lived but we weren’t aware of it. Particles are not the corollaries of waves, they are waves.


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