Is there an ironic justice in the universe?  Of course there is.  Every great tragedy tells you that.  Will nature pay us out for the destruction we are wreaking on it?  Of course it will,  ounce for ounce and pound for pound.  Climate scientists are issuing us with dire warning after dire warning that we are heading for 4 to 6 degrees of climate change if we don’t quit oil urgently and resolutely.  It could mean whole countries going under water,  hundreds of millions short of water and food, millions homeless and probably vicious resource wars that might well go nuclear.   My dearest wish is to find I am some mad eccentric with bees (not that there will be many bees) in my bonnet.  Unfortunately pretty much every climate scientist in the world thinks the same – the idea that the scientists are significantly divided is a complete myth.  You’d have thought people would have been beside themselves with anxiety for the future of their children and straining every nerve and muscle to avert so great a catastrophe while there is still time.  But not a bit of it.  Why are people so so so stupid?


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