What I can’t understand is why it is when the scientists are now telling us virtually unanimously that climate change is man made, and if we don’t deal decisively with it our unfortunate children will inherit an earth so terrible  our imaginations can hardly compass so immense a disaster,  so many people seem to be hardly bothered, notably the politicians.  It can’t be for rational reasons.  If ten fire officers came round to your house and  nine of them told you that unless you fireproofed your home a.s.a.p. you and  your unfortunate children would certainly burn to death one night, and the tenth was not quite so sure but almost so,  surely only an irresponsible  lunatic would say ‘Can’t be bothered. Too bad for the kids.’.   Why is it then?  I do wonder whether there is a global version of Tolle’s pain body as well as an individual one.  Tolle defined pain body as an addiction to sadness.   We hug negation and disaster to ourselves and almost revel in them.  It sounds absurd but I think Tolle was right because you see people doing it all around you.   And especially when it comes to climate change.  It does indeed sound ridiculous, but how else can one explain such lethargy and complacency in the face of so vast and terrible a looming catastrophe?  Too bad for the kids. 


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