The evidence that global warming is man made and, later this century, will be by far the greatest peril humanity has ever faced if we don’t quit fossil fuels a.s.a.p., is now overwhelming.  But the Tory Government is backing fracking for all it is worth, although every serious scientific study – Cornell in 2009, Harvard in 2012 and Tyndall – has found that fracked gas is the worst of all greenhouse gas emissions, even worse than coal, because of the increased methane.  George Osborne’s budget is full of measures to undo even the feeble attempts to contain climate change made by the last government, when the Tories were handicapped by their alliance with the Lib Dems.  And at least 30 Tory backbenchers are either climate sceptics or think that the science is still uncertain.  You can’t help wondering  whether they know anything about climate science beyond a few sceptical articles they have read in The Daily Mail.  Woe to childrens’ futures everywhere.  


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