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The science is now indisputable.  Unless we act immediately and decisively to phase out fossil fuels a.s.a.p. we are heading for a future hell on earth.  Yet a scientific report out only this week estimates that we are still releasing twice the amount of carbon that will keep global temperatures below 1.5 degrees by 2030 , and the UK government is still funding the fossil fuel industry to the tune of £175m more annually than it pays in taxes.  You would have thought that people would have been beside themselves with anxiety for the sake of their children’s future, but on the whole they are not.  How can we explain the apathy?  It isn’t as if most people are monsters of greed and fecklessness nor that they do not care about their children.  Perhaps the problem is they just can’t imagine the scale of the horror that’s coming.  How many people in 1914 imagined that the First World War would be as terrible as it was?  If they could have done, they would not have desired it so ardently as they did.  Who could imagine that Auschwitz could happen until it did happen?  How remarkably Jesus’s warnings at the end of Luke’s gospel describing the signs of the oncoming end of the world agrees with current climate science.  If we fail to reign in fossil fuel use during the next ten years, say the scientists, we shall trigger runaway, unstoppable global warming that will lead inevitably to the extinction of the human race and most other forms of life. Even if you don’t believe that Jesus was the Son of God, at least remember he said this –  stay awake, read the signs of the times.  What? Moi?  Tough on the kids though.  The more pitiful that if we acted resolutely and decisively, even now we could still create a better, greener and more peaceful post-fossil fuel future world.  How exciting could that be? But what hope?  Just try to imagine what science is telling us could happen.


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