We have Ways

Maybe if we stopped money streaming from poor non-white countries into rich ones through the debt trap, paid the 100bn we said we would to help them fight climate change (a fleabite but might make us feel better) and at leasr gave thanks to them that their present poverty is a consequence of turning their economies into market gardens in the colonial era to make them poor and us rich, recognized that our present superiority that got us off the ground was founded on slavery and still continues (it was all the fault of statues) and limited our contempt for non-white people into calling them Kevin, maybe they wouldn’t mind too much. How can we explain the hypocrisy of all these people currently leaping onto the racist bandwaggon? Well people never want to think for themselves. How can we go on living so happily with so much of our exploitation of the poor non-white world? We have ways.


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