We need a second referendum

I’m not necessarily against Brexit. I voted Remain but with a divided mind. There’s a lot wrong with the EU. Immigration is a real issue. CAP which gives huge amounts of tax payers’ money to rich landowners is, in the UK’s circumstances, crazy. It’s wrong that the UK can’t protect any of its own ailing industries. It’s mad to think that the same principles the worked so well when the EC numbered six countries doesn’t need adjusting when it numbers twenty eight. The Brussels bureaucrats, as bureaucrats always do, want too much power. The list goes on. Nevertheless we should have a second referendum because the first was so flawed. I think the view that ‘well that’s the way we voted so let’s get on with it’ is quite wrong. The issue is too important. It’s widely recognised that many people voted Leave not really because they wanted to leave but as a protest against austerity. The tabloids, which were so influential, generally only gave their readers one side of the case. The Leave campaign told brazen lies about £350 million a week for the NHS and Turkey about to join the EU. It’s becoming increasingly clear that foreign billionaires used sophisticated techniques of manipulating voters’ opinions through Facebook accounts which, if not illegal which is questionable, gave the Leave campaign an unfair advantage. Do we really want to use a decision as important was this on such an untrustworthy election? Campaign for a second referendum.


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