We shall be the laughing stock of the world if we are not already

Hinkley Point. What a disaster


A wonderful economic future post-Brexit?  Cameron, Osborne and now Mrs May have killed the UK’s economic future with the nuclear power station at Hinkley Point. Unbelievably, they have tied us into paying a ridiculously high price for electricity, three times what it is even currently (no pun intended but what can one do except laugh at such folly?)  over the next thirty years.  Can you imagine any business, except one run by lunatics, tying themselves down for the next thirty years?   No wonder the French and `Chinese were rubbing their hands with glee, and grew so shirty when Mrs May showed signs of doubting the wisdom of the deal.  They saw us coming.  But post-Brexit how weak we are.  The Chinese only had to threaten to stop trading with us and we immediately came running back.  Compare this with the future of green technologies.  At the moment photovoltaic tiles are expensive  and in short supply, mostly because rare earth metal are required to make them work.  But scientists have already been able to substitute much commoner elements, such as copper and zinc, and will undoubtedly, through nanotechnology, make much, much cheaper substitutions in the future.  Imagine lines and lines of pv harvesters at the sides of motorways drawing electricity from the sun free of charge once the original cost of the tiles had been paid.   All over the world industry will be operating on extremely cheap energy costs.  Except in stupid Britain.  The Chinese could implant undetectable hacking devices during the construction of Hinkley to blow the thing up any time they choose.  Even the French will be closing down their nuclear power stations both because of their vulnerability to terrorist attack and because there will be much cheaper sources of power available. If we are not so already, we shall be the laughing stock of the world.  Especially that of the Chinese and the French.


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