Well what about Corbyn then?  for the Parliamentary Labour Party the lunatics have taken over the asylum and for the Tories a monster has risen from the deep.  You can tell the Tories are running scared – politicians are never just scared they’re always running scared have you noticed that?  – because they’ve produced a horror video just like they did for Blair in 1997. Old demon eyes.  Remember that?  Well that did a lot of good didn’t it? They’re terrified all those millions of people whose benefits they cut might say hey we want our benefits back and vote for Corbyn. CORBYN!!!  At a cinema near you. Soon!!!

He’s appointed a vegan to be in charge of farming.  The NUT must be getting out their dictionaries to find out what a vegan is.

Mind you he could do with a shave. 

He refused to sing the national anthem.  Tories can breathe again.  But maybe he had a point. Isn’t the enemy  who is to be confounded with all his knavish tricks  the Scots?  But nowadays we want to suck up to them – help where are we to keep our wee submarines if you leave?  Maybe we need a new Scot-friendly national anthem.  Answers on a post-card please.

Speaking of which the Somerset National Party needs a national anthem as well.  And I don’t mean

Hey hey hey hey
I want some scrumpy and a bit of rumpy pumpy
Rolling in the hay
Hey hey hey hey
Rolling in the hay
Down Ilminster and Taunton way

No something dignified and uplifting more like

Dear Somerset thy vales and rills
They are so sweet and fair
From Radstock in the Mendip Hills

To Weston-super-Mare.

Answers on a postcard please.


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