We’re being priced out of our own country.

“Millennials spend three times more of income on housing than grandparents” (report in today’s Guardian). The Government allows foreign billionaires to compete for posh houses in Kensington and Chelsea. The billionaires don’t care how high the prices go because they’ve plenty of money and the higher the cost the greater the value of the asset, which is all that matters because they are not going to live in them anyway, so the prices go astronomically high. This means the people who sold the houses have a lot of money too, so as they bid for the next lowest level of houses those prices soar too and so on right down the chain. Will the Brexit people kick out the rich foreigners who are buying up our country? I fear not because we shall need the trade of the other countries they control too much. Hello Brexit goodbye Britain. ¬†Better Junker than Trump.


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