Which is more than be said for most of the bishops

Confronted with the New Testament accounts of the risen Lord suddenly appearing in the room and asking if you have anything to eat I feel much as one might when faced with a text which has letters you can see but since it is in Chinese or Greek is totally incomprehensible. My mental machinery of validating experiential reference shuts down. If there were ever a fairy story surely this is it. I carry this intellectual bewilderment into my post-Easter prayer but emotionally feel an acute happiness at encountering the risen Lord, the kind of excitement you might feel on the first day you meet your lover, a seed blown by the wind landing on a patch of soil where it can gratefully germinate and flower. I feel this is too wonderful, Dawkins just go away. Strange how religion is so personally significant yet a matter of faith not knowledge, so there is always the possibility it is complete nonsense. But draw comfort from the comic spectacle of atheists who, faced as we all are by the great mystery of the universe, are even more certain they know all about it than the bishops in their mitres. I laughed till I cried almost when I read The God Delusion. But Dawkins a great man nevertheless which is more than can be said for most of the bishops.


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