Who are the rich? And who are the poor?

Who are the rich? People living socially bonded lives with little else than its physical necessities in traditional societies as yet relatively untouched by “being brought out of poverty”.  Who are the poor?  Often  socially isolated people living in far more affluent circumstances in rich countries.  Millions of old people are living alone.  In the UK one in four young women are mentally ill.  Every moral sage from the beginning of time has told us that wealth doesn’t make you happy.  But few of them imagined it would make you so unhappy as it makes so many people today. Could we have got things wrong?  I joke that there are few problems in this world that do not go back to Mrs Thatcher.   But her mantra ‘there is no such thing as society’ and her creation of a country in which competitor is set against competitor and people are encouraged to think of getting richer as the major goal of life has done us untold damage.


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