The whole point about religious belief is that it might be wrong.  If it were certainly true you wouldn’t believe you would know.  I believe because my belief might well be the complete nonsense that atheists say it is.  My complaint about atheists is their air of certainty.  Their view is that we have science and science tells us certain truth.  But that is the one thing science does not do.  In every great age of scientific discovery scientists have profoundly misunderstood the significance of the discoveries they have made, as the history of science shows.  Far from making the world more and more comprehensible,  every great scientific discovery is only made at the price of  revealing more and more incomprehensible mysteries that, before the discovery was made, were not even suspected, and never has that been more true than now.   We believe because our last desperate hope is that in a world where babies are accidentally burnt to death and  young wives die of cancer,  let alone the horrors that evil people perpetrate in the name of religion, in the so astonishingly  mysterious a world that science attests, it might just be true that there is a further dimension of reality where love triumphs and all is in the end well.   After all, for millennia mystics conducting investigations into the inner realm of reality that have been every bit as rigorous and disciplined as science’s investigations into the outer, have been discovering just such a dimension.    Nor is there any evidence  in science that tells us they are wrong.  Not that atheists are interested in that sort of evidence.   They generally neglect to notice that there is no proof in science that only science tells us truth.


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